How Notion scaled spend, increased CTR and drove more engagement.

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Facebook, Instagram
What We Did
  • Creative Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Creative Testing

Notion’s goal is to break away from today's tools - and blend everyday tools into an all-in-one workspace.

Thrive Digital has helped Notion produce new creative assets to improve engagement and click-through rates, which helped ramp up their spends on Facebook to mirror their aggressive growth goals.


Effectively scale ad spend on Facebook and Instagram.
Click Performance
Create compelling stories to Improve Click-Through metrics.
Value Proposition
Test different pain points and value propositions that set Notion apart from its competitors and uncover what better resonates with users.
Increase Engagement
Produce different creative types to drive higher engagement over existing assets.
Design and Messaging
Develop a fresh and unique way to tell Notion’s story in an engaging, relatable and authentic way.


Concept Creation
Through collaboration, we crafted five different creative concepts with multiple variations highlighting user pain points, motivators, unique value proposition and Notion's use cases.
Robust Test Framework
A segmented testing approach was conducted where concepts were tested against each other, and optimized through iterations which provided a wider variety of assets in the account and learnings from a variety of audience to build off future iterations.
Following Best Practices
Minimizing the amount of variables was crucial to drive significant conclusions from the test. This was possible through following a best practice implementation process that included:
  • Even Budget Distribution
  • A/B Test Environment
  • +80% Power Calculation
  • Identical Campaign Structure
  • Opting into Same placements
  • Allowing for 2 weeks minimum testing time
+71% CTR vs Notion BAU Ads
+66% Engagement Rate
“Notion is growing so fast, and we needed a partner that would help us scale our reach just as quickly while nailing our messaging. The team at Thrive brought amazing rigour to both expanding our digital footprint and helping us land on the right story for our audience.”
Camille Ricketts
Head of Brand Marketing, Notion

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