charity: water

How charity: water creatives generated +290% ROAS.

Together, we can end the water crisis.

Facebook, Instagram
What We Did
  • Creative Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Creative Testing

charity: water’s one ambitious goal is to end the global water crisis, through The Spring Subscription Community and One Time Donations.

Thrive Digital helped charity: water develop and execute a creative testing strategy to identify new untapped creative and messaging components that resonated with audiences, which helped increase the number of one-time and recurring donations at a lower cost.


Asset Diversification
Effectively introduce new ad formats and visual styles on Facebook and Instagram.
Increase Donations
Highlight charity:water’s goals and completing stories to incentivize new donations.
Creative Testing
Test different creative themes and formats to increase efficiency in ad spend and power brand learnings.
Messaging testing
Dive deep into charity:water’s story and craft a series of stories that would resonate with users.


Concept Creation
Through collaboration, we crafted multiple creative concepts highlighting charity:water’s impact in the global water crisis, its mission statement and goals, the journey of each dollar, donation stories, and the impact of each donation.
Iterative Test Framework
Creative Testing was conducted in multiple stages with all learnings powering the next stage of creative development. We started with isolating and optimizing what was working, then moved on to exploring new creative avenues and finally optimized where we saw success and further explored favorable themes with price point messaging experiments.
Ad Format Diversification
New asset types, styles, lengths and sizes were launched into the account in order to better optimize creative delivery at the user level and provide each audience with multiple experiences to learn about charity: water.
Following Best Practices
Minimizing the number of variables was crucial to driving significant conclusions from each test. This was possible through following a best practice implementation process that included:
  • Even budget distribution
  • A/B test environment
  • +80% power calculation
  • Identical campaign structure
  • Opting into the same placements
  • Allowing for 2 weeks minimum testing time
-65% Cost per Subscription
-66% Cost per 1x Donation
“It is imperative for us as marketers to continually explore, develop, and iterate upon creative concepts that assist us in achieving our performance benchmarks. We worked alongside Thrive for our creative testing strategy, and they were an enormous asset to us, helping us to assess and refine the creative that would inspire prospective donors to take action.”
Megan Toscano
Head of Performance Marketing, charity: water

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