Data & Measurement

Use your data to make better marketing decisions.

Understand what really drives growth in your business through modern marketing measurement.

Our Approach

It’s time to throw out “last click” attribution and third party cookies. Thrive helps you understand modern marketing measurement with a full-stack approach, from data warehousing, CRM analysis and strategic experimentation.

Maximize ROI

We analyze your marketing program from top to bottom to deliver strategic recommendations that drive long term ROI. KPI selection & diminished returns modeling allows you to invest marketing dollars with confidence and scale your marketing program for growth.

Understand Your Marketing

Get closer to your data with a complete data model of all of your digital marketing efforts. Connect to our automated Thrivestack data warehouse using Google Data Studio, Tableau, Looker or any other BI tool you prefer to understand your marketing program.

Identify Opportunities

Understand how your marketing campaigns are evolving with augmented analytics that can spot new trends, outliers in your data and opportunities for growth. We go beyond clicks and conversions with CRM analysis that uncovers profit opportunities in LTV and Churn trends.

Experiment Strategically

Work with our team to develop a strategic experimentation plan that delivers insight into creative development, channel incrementality and the causal impact of tactical changes.


Our broad data capabilities are highly adaptable based on your individual needs.

Clean, automated data from dozens of sources.

Connect to a single source of truth for all of your paid marketing activity, so you can make faster decisions without the need to download data from multiple sources. Distribute this data to any internal team to drive understanding across your organization.

Measure the true incremental impact of your campaigns.

Measurement is getting harder. The need to better understand the impact marketing budgets have on your business is growing. We help you set up highly scientific tests understand the real impact that your campaigns are having on your business so you can make better media mix decisions and drive more growth.

Advanced behavioral tracking implementations.

We have helped our clients measure billions of valuable events on their marketing campaigns that range from standard implementations to highly customized. Upon performing an initial tracking audit we will advice on tracking more than just pageviews, transactions and bounces with advanced event tracking that helps you understand the behaviors that drive growth and long-term revenue.

Stay on top of what drives growth.

Effective reporting is at the heart of good decision making and communication of collective progress toward targets that drive your business forward. We use our Thrivestack data warehouse, we build customized Google Data Studio dashboards that help you make real time decisions about your marketing program.

Really understand your customers.

Performing analysis on current or past customers can deliver valuable insights about how marketing efforts can pivot to acquire more high quality users at scale. With a direct connection to your CRM, we can help you better understand your customers through LTV analysis, Churn predictions, audience segmentation and more.

We've helped some of the world's best brands grow
“Thrive has been a key partner for helping Smith transform from a traditional wholesale business to a digitally minded consumer-first brand. Helping us acquire new customers for all our channels. They move fast and are extremely proactive”
Morgan Makowski
eCommerce Director, Smith Optics

Our Impact

We work across a broad range of projects at Thrive, here are some of the common reasons people come to us: