How increased awareness to scale meaningful change during COVID-19 and other important events.

Supporting successful petition campaigns during key global moments.

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What We Did
  • Quality Petition Measurement Pipelines
  • Global Campaign Expansion
  • Value Optimization
  • Channel Expansion is the world’s platform for change. It empowers people everywhere to create the change you want to see. With, people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilizing supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions.

Thrive Digital was asked to help maximize the reach of its users’ petitions, leading to change within local communities and globally. Our partnership with spanned across key global events such a Covid-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, presidential elections and more.


Strategic Leadership
Scale their petition starter efforts across multiple platforms whilst remaining tactful and ethical to each cause.
Localization + Transcreation
Lean into moments where change was needed most on a global level.
Measuring Success
Develop a measurement framework that identified and estimated high quality petition indicators, which would ultimately lead to increased signatures and supporters.
Integrating CRM and petition success metrics back into the platforms to be able to track, optimize and measure the value of the signatures that each petition generates.


Measurement & Data
Allowed for us to work with the team to scale their business and growth marketing efforts above and beyond the platforms that we managed by combining site behaviour with CRM insight to identify quality petition indicators.
Localized Global Expansion
By thinking globally but executing regionally, we successfully launched's paid marketing activity in 21 new countries and unlocked previously untapped growth for the business on a global level.
Untapping Incremental Reach
At the point of diminishing returns, our team worked with in testing new channels that offered an opportunity to expand their incremental reach to new subsets of users such as Meta, Twitter and Snapchat.
+395% Quality Petition Growth
900K Signatures Driven
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